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Through May 19, the Book Shop will be selling a short run of "pandemic Ts and hoodies." It's a way to commemorate the wonderful community support that so many of you have provided in this time of lockdown and social distancing that has made normal Book Shop operations impossible.

We're selling these through Bonfire, a service that makes it easy to design and sell shirts, without having to buy and keep all the sizes and colors in stock that everyone will want. 

Want one? CLICK HERE.


Hopefully, everyone is staying safe, is taking sensible precautions, and has a good book to read!

(And we're still shipping like crazy.)

In the new normal, and for the time being, we are only allowed to do e-commerce, which now - AGAIN - includes home delivery. YAY! If you live in Beverly, Hamilton, Wenham, Manchester, Essex, or Ipswich, just indicate in the notes field that you'd like home delivery and we'll swing your order by!  


ALSO: As you browse our site, you'll notice that some books (and puzzles and games, etc.) are marked as being "in store." We'd appreciate it if you'd prioritize those things, as they are easiest for us to ship and deliver and will get to you the quickest. But we can for sure get you any book on the planet, so don't hesitate if you've got something specific in mind.

NOTE: The general mail system seems to be slowing down. While the site might tell you things are available in "two days" or so, we're experiencing some slow downs in the postal service, so be patient please!

*Mother's Day orders must be items we already have in stock! We can no longer guarantee delivery for Mother's Day for any special orders. 

To begin purchasing books online, click the "log in" button in the upper righthand corner of this page, and then click "create an account." It's pretty quick after that! Having issues? Give a call between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and we'll get it figured out. 

Hottest In-Store Titles
(Essentially, the 10 most-popular books we actually have, by national sales data.)


Stuffed Animals (just because)

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